The ISD lab conducts research and development in the areas of human-computer interaction, virtual reality and information systems with a focus on design-oriented and human-centered approaches and methods. The lab is well-equipped and offers expertise and research services that cover all stages of interactive systems lifecycle:


User experience studies and evaluation: usability; accessibility; remote evaluation; eye tracking studies; field studies; collaboration studies.

Virtual worlds and 3D user interfaces; in the areas of collaborative design, education, cultural heritage.

Design and evaluation of natural user interfaces: mid-air interaction, multi-touch displays, distant displays.


Information systems design & engineering: big data analytics, cloud computing, mobile computing.


Interaction design methods, including co-design, with diverse user groups including older adults and children.


Special issue in Intelligent Virtual Agents

Interests: virtual reality; virtual agents; digital heritage; serious games; natural interfaces;

The Syros Institute for the 8th consecutive year organizes a conference on “CULTURE AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY” in order to promote the issues of protection, promotion and exploitation of the cultural heritage, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens, Polytechnic School of the University of the Aegean, the Postgraduate Program “Advanced Systems of Informatics” of the University of Piraeus, the Region of the Aegean Islands and the Municipality of Syros – Hermoupolis.

The Interactive Systems Design Lab accepts nominations for a doctorate in various thematics according to its research areas.